OHM2013: talk on molecular cooking

At OHM2013, I gave an introduction talk on molecular cooking.

From the program: > A lecture and workshop on the fine details of cooking, processes that cook our food, how to optimise them and how to use technology to exploit them. > > In this lecture we will show the physical and chemical processes that occur when cooking food. (We will also explain why your mom was wrong in a lot of cases.) This will help us to optimise the cooking process and the experiencing of the food. > > In the workshop, building on this knowledge and using modern technology, we can then create completely new dishes with textures and tastes you have never experienced before. We will use a variety of readily available kitchen and lab equipment to show/smell/taste/feel/hear how to make perfect/weird/funny/mind-boggling recepies and how to extend on them in your own kitchen. > > Vacuum? Of course. > High pressure? Sure. > Tightly controlled temperature? Can’t live without it. > Chemicals? When required. > Alcohol? Yep. > Edible weirdness? Hell yeah!

The slides can be found here.